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Santa Barbara Psychic & Astrologer – Beth McDonald
Santa Barbara’s Astrological Blogger

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Beth McDonald is a Santa Barbara-based Psychic, Astrologer and Consultant who currently enjoys a growing national reputation and client base. She works with individuals, couples, families, groups, businesses, and non-profit organizations to uncover their blocks to achieving, living and expressing their true potential.

Beth helps people of all ages to access empowering information on the topics that are important to them. Her mission is to help people understand and to deal with their present and past-life issues more effectively, making peace with their realities and having more fun with their lives on both personal and professional levels.

Astrological Services

I primarily work with corporations (both for profit and non-profit) and their executives to design and execute strategies specifically designed to help them meet their goals on time and on budget.

I also work with individuals, couples, families, children, pets, and groups to help them solve problems or to communicate with the souls of loved ones on the other side.

I delight in helping people better understand where they are, how they got there, what is going on, where they want to go next, and how to best get there. I offer a variety of services.

For a detailed description of them, please click on to the pages listed on the left. For individuals and families I have a sliding fee scale that starts at $200 per hour. The corporate and event rate is more, depending on the exact nature of the work. If you have any questions or need more information, please write to me through the Contact page or call me during normal business hours at 805-963-0842.

Psychic Readings

I think the most important thing for clients and potential clients to know is that professional psychics survive and thrive only by being accurate. Especially in California, where psychics are a dime a dozen and the market is very competitive. We can be cute and charismatic, fun and fantastically entertaining, but only if we get results for our clients will they come back and refer us to their most beloved friends and family members. So I have a very, very vested interested in being accurate and in getting results for you.

Every intuitive reads differently, in ways that play to their individual strengths and areas of accuracy. My method is very eclectic and very different from most. I like to start each reading with a brief meditation (usually about 3-5 minutes). And I like to do the meditation before I have looked at any astrological information, tarot cards, or gotten any real back story from the client. I like to work this way because the problems and issues most clients present with are rarely the real issue – they are usually a symptom of something else. If you don’t address foundational issues, you won’t be accurate and you won’t get results. Starting clean with a meditation gives me a real clear snapshot of the heart of the matter at hand.

In the meditation, the client and I focus on very different things. Because clients’ fears can obstruct me from getting the information quickly, I ask the client to keep their attention on things that make them happy and bring them joy: the faces of their loved ones, the happiest moments of their lives, that sort of thing. Doing so, connecting with higher vibrational energies, opens both the auric field and the chakras, which then makes it easier for me to obtain information.

Past Life Regression

I was born into a family with very conservative Southern Baptist values. Church of Christ values. As such, I have to say that I was very slow to believe in the concept of past lives and reincarnation. Embarrassingly slow. I was raised very traditionally and it wasn’t until college that I was exposed to different cultural, religious and spiritual ideas. And as a result it took me an even longer time to understand the value of truly knowing your past life regression material. But now that I get it, I am fully on board. The more I explore past life knowledge, in my own life and in the lives of my clients, I truly believe that past life regression therapy is one of the most profound and effective healing modalities available. I recommend everyone experience and experiment with it.

When I say that, most people ask me the same question, “Oh, how many sessions should I do?” The answer to that is, “As many as you need.” For me, it isn’t about a set number of sessions. Everyone processes differently, and some souls are much older than others. Some souls are much clearer than others. In my opinion, it is really about being able to say that you know and understand the all reasons why you have reincarnated the way you have this time, the reasons why each of your most important family members (and ex-family members) and friends are in your life, and what the most important thing for you to do with each of these individual souls is. So the answer to that question is “as many sessions as you need to understand.”