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Our Animal Connection

by Christine A. Loter, CHt

Brown BearThe repeated process of opening our heart and communicating with dissimilar life forms attunes, sensitizes and expands our awareness…

On my desk is a picture of two Boston Terrier dogs named Gizmo and Widget. Gizmo passed on a while ago, while Widget remains with her human family bringing heartfulness and fun especially to the children. She has an eternally soulful look in her eyes, as she begs to be played with or just fall asleep on your lap. There’s an innocence and a sense of trust that’s apparent without words. Is this a romantic humanizing of animals or do we connect with animals on the Soul level?

Animals help to ground us, take us out of ourselves and into service to others. If we’re lost in our own world, or caught up in the daily stresses of life, a pet can quickly move us into a heart opening space. Suddenly there is something bigger than us, and someone needs our love and attention – and pets are as important as anyone else in the family.

Having a pet affects mankind in many positive ways. They offer us acceptance, friendship and unconditional love. Our animal connection is really our cosmic connection. The animals in our lives, be they domesticated or wild, such as birds or squirrels, helps mankind’s “human state of consciousness” bridge into the cosmic or universal state of consciousness. The love, which is an element of The Divine, assists us to recognize, understand and attain the full spectrum of The Divine. Other elements include wisdom, truth, spiritual freedom and power, compassion and mercy, and a sense of beauty and justice.

These Divine qualities make up Soul itself. When we transcend our human limitations with this connection to other conscious beings, we recognize the likeness, affinity, and universality of Soul. Because of the love element that resides within our deepest core and our consciousness of this Divine love, all other elements are revealed to us. The repeated process of opening our heart and communicating with dissimilar life forms attunes, sensitizes and expands our awareness beyond human communication. On a personal level this expands, redefines and brings a greater profundity to our concept of reality. On the mundane level, in our everyday dealings in life, we make real the cosmic experience.The signs of this are a feeling of intimacy like being “at home” wherever we are, and a oneness with all things which brings us into a blissful state of being. At this point of realization all things become equal.

As I gaze upon the photo of Gizmo and Widget, I sense the presence of a wisdom that is ever active in the ongoing creation of life. One Soul’s journey has a place in the universe no more nor less than any other Soul when seen at the level of the Divine itself. The everyday exchange of love between human and pet (or wildlife) is a natural part of being human. This flow of love is the flow of life and life around us can only bring us more life. Although I know that Gizmo is no longer in my physical world, he continues to be a channel of love. I am thankful for my brother and his wife for being the caregivers of Gizmo and Widget, and all the other caregivers of this world.

©2018 Christine A. Loter

About the Author

Santa Barbara HypnotherapistCertified Clairvoyant Hypnotherapist and Reimaging™ consultant Christine A. Loter, CHt is a certified Clairvoyant Hypnotherapist and Reimaging™ consultant in Santa Barbara, with extensive background in healing, metaphysics and the paranormal.

She works by phone or in-person with clients on their life purpose, healing journey and self-empowerment. Watch her TV show, Secrets of Self Improvement on Channel 17 in the Santa Barbara area. 805-560-0480